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FacilitateExpress Puts Effective Meetings Within Everyone’s Reach

FacilitateExpress is a new facilitator interface option within FacilitatePro that is so simple that meeting leaders can set up an agenda and move participants through idea generation, prioritization and reporting after only a few minutes of training. As they become more comfortable, meeting facilitators have the option to add a wide array of viewing, editing, voting and customization features simply by selecting a more advanced interface. This stepwise approach, from “grab and go” simplicity to ultimate flexibility and customization, allows enterprises to roll out the FacilitatePro suite of tools to a wide range of facilitators, project managers, team leaders or faculty members. FacilitatePro comes with a set of 5 minute video tutorials that familiarize new users with the features of FacilitateExpress. It's that simple!

I like having the choice of using the sophisticated features of FacilitatePro for decision making workshops and the Express interface for more lightweight, on the fly, or virtual meetings. ” — International Consultant

We brought in FacilitatePro as a way to involve our store managers more efficiently in evaluating new product lines. We saw many potential uses for virtual idea generation and evaluation across our company, but we didn’t have the time or resources to train new facilitators until Express. This tool is so intuitive, and the online video tutorials get people started setting up online meetings or simple surveys in less than an hour. In fact, one of our new facilitators said it best: It’s easy-schmeasy! ” — VP Testing, Clothing Manufacturer


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