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Watch our 3 minute Overview

Please check out this short product overview to get a feel for how FacilitatePro looks, works and transforms meeting results. Then check out our the FacilitatePro Features page and Contact Us to explore how FacilitatePro can help you! We also provide a complete set of video tuturials to take you from beginner to Professional Facilitator in no time at all.



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Successful organization are the ones where ideas flourish. FacilitatePro helps groups brainstorm and evaluate ideas…from any device, anywhere, anytime. FacilitatePro speeds idea generation and data collection, leaving more time for creative thinking and analysis. The entire group process, from generating ideas to prioritizing and selecting those with merit, is instantly documented so that the best ideas become real solutions.


Shorter Meetings with Better Results.

Gather ideas from tens or hundreds of people in minutes instead of hours. Get more ideas out on the table, then thoroughly vet them through a combination of prioritization and evaluation.
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Questions - Answered, Decisions - Made & Problems, Solved.

Your Team's Best Ideas, Moving to the Top.

Some of the best ideas never see the light of day because they reside in the minds of people who usually won't speak up. With FacilitatePro, people participate more freely, and think more creatively, critically and independently. Learn more...

Questions - Answered, Decisions - Made & Problems, Solved.

Build Buy In and Ownership of Ideas.

The best decisions are well-informed decisions: informed by more ideas and more points of view. After a FacilitatePro session, you end up with a ranked list of priorities that the group can stand behind. Learn more...

Questions, Answered. Problems, Solved. Decisions, Made.

Anytime, Anyplace, Any Device.

You choose whether you want to gather participants in a conference room, set up an online meeting or have them contribute on their own schedule. Either way you get the same focus and productivity with less cost and more flexibility. Learn more...

Questions, Answered. Problems, Solved. Decisions, Made.

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