Working from Home: How to Set Up Your Home Office and Stay Motivated

Working from Home: How to Set Up Your Home Office and Stay Motivated

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Working from Home: How to Set Up Your Home Office and Stay Motivated

Whether you’ve started remote work by choice, or you’ve been forced to start because of COVID-19, it takes some getting used to. While working from home does have perks, you also have to deal with new distractions and challenges. When you make the switch, you’ll want to set up a workspace and establish a schedule for yourself so you can stay on task. These resources can help you get started.

Creating a Workspace

  • Create a good work environment by making a designated office in your home.
  • Choose the right kind of office furniture to help yourself work better.
  • Save money by purchasing second-hand furniture for your home office.
  • If you already have a desk set up, do a decluttering session so you can focus on work.
  • Decorate your workspace so it’s an inspiring and motivating environment to work in.
  • Make sure your home WiFi network is fast enough to keep up with you as you work.

Staying Focused and Meeting Goals

  • Establish office hours to help your kids understand when you shouldn't be interrupted.
  • Make a plan for avoiding distractions such as social media, the TV and housework.
  • Find ways to connect and bond with your coworkers to avoid feeling lonely or cut off.
  • If you’re in a leadership position, find ways to take control of your team.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of taking breaks, even when you work at home.
  • If you oversee a team, look for creative ways to motivate, train and coach them remotely.
  • Have an end-of-the-day routine so you can separate your work and personal life better.


It can be hard to strike up a good work-life balance when you’re a remote employee. By having a designated office, setting office hours, and following good routines throughout the day, you can stay on task while also keeping work from taking over your personal life.

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