Free Team Collaboration Software Offer for Meetings and Decision Making

If You’re Looking For a Free Offer...'s Free for a Year Program may be for you.

We are willing to provide a few selected indivduals and organizations that have especially interesting collaborative needs with up to one year of free access to FacilitatePro Plus. To apply to be a part of this free program please read on. 

FacilitatePro BrainstormingThis free offer is targeted at individuals working with collaborative teams in corporate, government, non-profit and university settings. If you are a professional Facilitator or have advanced needs you would likely not be an ideal candidate for this program. You'd likely need the advanced capabilities found in our FacilitatePro Premium or Pro packages. If you are accepted into our Free for a Year program*, we only require that you:

    1. Use our FacilitatePro collaboration software with your teams at two to three times a month.
    2. After having used FacilitatePro for the first 2 months, you provide us with at least a one page case study on how your using FacilitatePro. We reserve the right to share your case study with others in print, online or in any other format.
    3. After having used FacilitatePro for the 6 months, you provide us with a more detailed case study (at least two pages) on how your using FacilitatePro as part of your process. We reserve the right to share your case study with others in print, online or in any other format.

    As part of our assessment of your Free for a Year request we ask that you provide us with the following background information:

    1. Your organization's name and what they do.
    2. How you envision using FacilitatePro. Examples might include risk assessment workshops, strategic planning, group decision support, classroom work or miscellaneous brainstorming. Please provide as much detail as possible.
    3. Your experience with using collaborative tools previously. What tools have you used and how frequently.
    4. How frequently you anticipate using FacilitatePro. Would you hope to use it once a month, once a week, or several times a week.
    5. Whether you envision using it with realtime, face to face meetings or with virtual groups spread over various locations and perhaps meeting at different times rather than all at the same time.
    6. Preference will be given to individuals who register with a corporate, government or university email address.

    To apply for the Free for a Year program, simply click on the get started button below. 

    FacilitatePro Pricing

    This free offer provides access at the FacilitatePro Plus level. We will provide you with access to our training videos and manuals. Since FacilitatePro Plus is so easy to use, most users would require no additional training or support. If you would like additional customization support or access to tech support by phone or email we provide support contracts separately at a fee.

    If your needs require the greater power and flexility provided at our Premium or Pro levels, we would be more than happy to discuss that with you. 

    * Acceptance into the Free for a Year program is at the sole discretion of You may withdraw from the program at any time without notice or penality. We reserve the right to terminate a users access to FacilitatePro at any time and for any reason.  The Free for a Year offer is good only for one year and may not be transferred to any other user or organization without the advanced written authorization of

    FacilitatePro Pricing