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FacilitatePro v17.0

May 17, 2021 - FacilitatePro v17 is now available for immediate download.

A few v17 Highlights:

Security is always a major concern of ours and v17 continues that vigilance. In addition to other security enhancements, v17 introduces optional Two Factor Authentication and the ability to automatically lock out user accounts if they enter an incorrect password after a specified number of incorrect tries.

V17 also offers new flexibility and power for Premium level leaders. Among other changes, one key change is that they can now conduct multiple conferences / sessions at the same time, each with its own unique logon ID. For Plus level leaders we now provide an option to allow them access to a key Premium and Pro level feature. They can now disable the FollowMe option so that session participants can self navigate from topic to topic instead of being locked into following the leader from topic to topic. 

V17 also introduces a new file structure system which makes managing and upgrading FacilitatePro even easier going forward. All of the key site specific directories and files are now contained within one subdirectory within the main FacilitatePro directory. 

These are just some of the key additions to FacilitatePro v17.

Contact us for more information and for instructions on how to upgrade.

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FacilitatePro LogoFacilitatePro is a cloud based or self hosted application that helps groups brainstorm and evaluate ideas, from any device, anywhere, anytime. Ideas you can implement. Decisions that have buy-in. FacilitatePro collects and distills your rain of ideas into the highest quality, clearest output possible to make your brainstorm effective and productive.

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As we launch our International Center for Dispute Resolution, we look to Facilitate.com to give us expert guidance on how to integrate the technology into our methodology and practices as well as train us to get the best results out of its use. We consider the people at Facilitate.com to be a key element of our success
Tony Belak, Director
International Center for Dispute Resolution, Sullivan University

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