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Online Meeting Collaboration for Individuals, Small Groups or Teams

FacilitatePro Large Group Meetings

As an individual consultant, business practitioner or team leader, your success depends on keeping your clients, stakeholders or team members focused and on-task. The FacilitatePro cloud-based platform gives you the tools to make meetings and group problem solving more effective, interactive and...yes, much more enjoyable. Your annual subscription gives you access to your private meeting space on our secure AWS server, where you can run unlimited sessions. You choose the leader level that meets your needs and be prepared to run group meetings that are fast-paced, engaging and super productive. Click Get Started to learn more.

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Meeting Collaboration Tools - Enterprise Solution

If you are a business, educational institution, non-profit, or governmental agency that wants to offer an idea generation and decision-making platform to a department, division or the entire organization, FacilitatePro is the business solution for you. FacilitatePro allows you to create multiple Basic, Plus, Premium and Pro leaders and support thousands of participants in a self-hosted, secure environment. FacilitatePro comes in small, medium and enterprise sizes. Click Get Started to learn more or contact us to have a conversation.

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