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Why FacilitatePro

FacilitatePro is about engaging people in productive conversations that build buy-in and drive action.

Empirical studies have shown that “electronic” brainstorming generates more and better ideas, through a combination of parallel idea generation, anonymous input, and the ability to organize and prioritize ideas on the spot. Decisions are made with a higher degree of consensus and greater likelihood of successful implementation

A word about anonymity

If you’re looking to open up the discussion and stimulate creative thinking, anonymity is a powerful technique for changing the group dynamic. People tend to be more open to sharing their ideas, less concerned about whether the idea is “good enough”, and more prepared to risk something out of the ordinary. Anonymity also helps people listen better to others, by stripping away assumptions about hidden agendas, personalities and biases, and allowing people to focus on what is actually being said. Sometimes, you’ll want ideas to be attributed to their author; FacilitatePro lets you decide topic by topic which approach you want to use. Check out our Blog and Facilitator Resources for more tips.

Generate Better Ideas

Brainstorming with the option of anonymity allows your group to think outside the box and generate a larger depth of ideas.

Make Well-Informed Decisions

Automatically capturing the conversation allows host/facilitator to guide the group in faster and more informed decision making.

Solve Problems

Propose, consider, and contribute to others ideas, then select ones with the most merit, resulting in a list of priorities and solutions the entire group can stand behind.

Boost Productivity

Get more ideas out on the table then thoroughly vet the ideas through a combination of prioritization and evaluation.

Break Through Meeting Logjams

Flatten meeting politics and minefields by engaging everyone in anonymous brainstorming at the same time.

Build Consensus and Support

Encourage buy-in by making sure all voices have been heard then, as a group, distilling the ideas with the most merit.

Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime

Cilistorm is real time and asynchronous. Engage participants in the same room or across the globe, any time, any place, any device.

Approach Problems with Objectivity

Participants select the best ideas based on their merit and not their perception of the people who contributed them.

Document to Implement

Document the entire group process, including brainstorms, themes and votes to ensure that the best ideas are followed through to implementation.

About FacilitatePro

FacilitatePro LogoFacilitatePro is a cloud based or self hosted application that helps groups brainstorm and evaluate ideas, from any device, anywhere, anytime. Ideas you can implement. Decisions that have buy-in. FacilitatePro collects and distills your rain of ideas into the highest quality, clearest output possible to make your brainstorm effective and productive.

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“FacilitatePro addresses the real productivity issues of decision-making meetings, which have to do with overcoming inhibitions, dealing with over-dominant players and keeping participants fully engaged. FacilitatePro flattens meeting politics and keeps people focused on the end goal”

-Chuck McPherson, Leap Solutions

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Why FacilitatePro?

  • Generate Better Ideas
  • Make Well-Informed Decisions
  • Solve Problems
  • Boost Productivity
  • Avoid Meeting Logjams
  • Decision Acceptance and Support
  • Approach Problems with Objectivity
  • Optimize Documentation
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device