Guided Insights

Guided Insights

Guided Insights

Guided Insights

Guided Insights helps teams get important work done, faster, from wherever they work.

We do this through our facilitation and training services, with a special focus on facilitation skills training and helping virtual teams collaborate and communicate to achieve better results. Global teams that span multiple cultures are a special area of focus.

All training programs are customized for each client, using real-life scenarios to make learning easier, faster and more fun. We deliver training any way our clients want it — onsite, virtually or both. We also help organizations create their own virtual classroom sessions designed to keep people engaged and actively learning.

When it comes to facilitating great meetings, whether face-to-face or virtual, we know how to use the best combination of tools and techniques to deliver results in the shortest possible time. Complex conversations involving diverse participants with divergent interests are a specialty.

If you’d like help solving some of your toughest team communication challenges, please contact us to set up a quick call so can brainstorm some quick ideas together.


“Nancy is one of the best facilitators/trainers I have ever worked with.  I appreciate the passion, enthusiasm and professionalism she brings to everything she does .”

– Eve Zuber, Organization Development, IBM

“Nancy has been an excellent asset to our Autism task force.  Her meeting facilitation is always on point, well planned and provides a multi-accessible platform for all participants.  Her communication abilities, follow-through and organization skills are a strong asset to any organization.”

-Melanie Chandonnet, Clinical Director CLASS, Inc

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About FacilitatePro

FacilitatePro LogoFacilitatePro is a cloud based or self hosted application that helps groups brainstorm and evaluate ideas, from any device, anywhere, anytime. Ideas you can implement. Decisions that have buy-in. FacilitatePro collects and distills your rain of ideas into the highest quality, clearest output possible to make your brainstorm effective and productive.

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FacilitatePro allows union members and management representatives to brainstorm key issues anonymously, so that the best ideas surface without any social or political inhibitors. With Facilitatepro we are able to bring the two sides of the table together, in a conference room or over the internet. The result is a common action plan to promote job and business growth.
Jim Reid
High Performance Work Organization Partnerships, IAMAW

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Why FacilitatePro?

  • Generate Better Ideas
  • Make Well-Informed Decisions
  • Solve Problems
  • Boost Productivity
  • Avoid Meeting Logjams
  • Decision Acceptance and Support
  • Approach Problems with Objectivity
  • Optimize Documentation
  • Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device